You Got Droned

You Got Droned!

Martin Luther King Had a dream, Obama had a drone.

What is the favorite bedtime story in Iraq? “The Drone and the three little Iraqis”.

With so many drones in the US, I wonder whether they will be allowed to vote.

We have the blacks, the Mexicans and the drones.

Sending a drone to China is like a death sentence.

I am addicted to weed, coke and porn and all thanks to the drone 2000, ��Taking it to the skies’.

A successful mission in Afghanistan where a drone was sent and killed 52 civilians, two dogs and goats. Don’t worry no ISIS target was killed.

Between, Liam Neeson and Drone, who would find you and kill you first?

Teacher: What are Obama’s two favorite words?

Student 1: Health Care.

Teacher: Wrong answer.

Student 2: Predator drone.

Teacher: Correct.

Difference between an Assassin and a drone. An assassin finds you and Kills you. A drone finds you and misses you but kills something.